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If a speech, language, cognitive or feeding issue is suspected, early intervention is critical for the best outcomes. Identification and treatment can begin as early as birth to three years of age.

Best practices have proven that the “Wait and See” approach decreases the likelihood of academic success in communication, reading and writing. Children that can begin therapy before they are 5 years old have a much greater chance of lasting positive changes than those who wait until they are older.

At Speech Success Academy, most communication disorders can be evaluated, identified and treated by experienced and highly specialized staff on site.

Stephanie Rushie

Director, Clinical Services

With diverse clinical experience in educational and medical settings, compassion and empathy Stephanie ensures that all of our staff adhere to highest professional and ethical standards.

Casey Begley

Dean of Admission

Casey is in charge of welcoming our new students, guiding families through the intake process and scheduling.

Gary Weber

General Manager

Computer support, coffee brewing, furniture assembly, supply ordering – the excitement is contagious!

Melissa Newpher-Edwards

Director, Operations

Melissa is responsible for overall student/patient experience and alumni relations.

Brittany Bowden

Speech and Language Pathologist

Brittany is a graduate from Pennsylvania State University’s Master’s program in Communication Sciences and Disorders and has experience working with pediatric and adult populations with a variety of communication disorders.

New therapist going through credentialing...

Speech and Language Pathologist

Prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

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