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The Best Speech-Language Teletherapy in Jenkintown, PA

If you live in Jenkintown or Elkins Park, PA then you have a great, local resource for speech-language therapy. Suffering from a speech and/or language disorder can greatly impact the quality of your life. To give yourself or your child the best chance they have at a successful life, it's vital that you sign up for speech-language teletherapy. At Speech Success Academy, we offer several online speech-language therapy sessions as well as in-person speech-language therapy services. Here's what you need to know about our therapy services in Jenkintown and Elkins Park, PA.

We Offer Several Speech-Language Therapy Services

Our child speech-language therapists and adult speech-language pathologists, also known as SLP, offers several therapies for different speech and/or language disorders. Some of the solutions we offer are:

  • Speech therapy for Apraxia
  • Speech therapy for stuttering
  • Speech-language therapy for Autism

Our speech-language pathologists can help.

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Speech Therapy for Apraxia

Our early intervention services in Montgomery County, PA, Jenkintown and Elkins Park, PA can make apraxia a thing of the past.

Apraxia of speech occurs when the brain is unable to coordinate the correct movements of the mouth to form a word. This may cause a person to say the wrong word or slur their speech. Our child speech therapist or speech pathologist can help children and adults with their apraxia.

Speech therapy for apraxia begins by carefully teaching the brain the correct movements to make for certain words. While online speech therapy sessions may take some time, you'll notice an improvement with your or your child's apraxia of speech.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering

One of the more common reasons that people seek speech therapy in Jenkintown and Elkins Park is due to stuttering. For many people, stuttering is embarrassing. Stuttering can range from mild to severe.

Our child speech therapist or speech pathologist can help you overcome your stutter by implementing a stuttering treatment plan that will have the greatest impact on the student.

The best part about working with our child speech therapist or speech-language pathologist is that you can do so in the comfort of your own. Our online speech-language therapy sessions have such a great effect because you're able to experience them in an environment that is comfortable for you.

Speech-Language Therapy for Autism

Just like speech therapy for stuttering, speech-language therapy for autism is vital to your quality of life. Our speech-language teletherapy is a great solution for those who are diagnosed with autism because they're able to receive the speech-language therapy that they need in the comfort of their own home.

Autism often involves processing problems and difficulties in understanding social cues. Our speech-language therapy for autism can help teach those lessons and ensure your child or yourself is able to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively.