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Speech Pathology Programs in Abington

Speech-Language Pathology Services in PA

If you find yourself having difficulty in effectively communicating a thought, then you may suffer from a speech or language disorder. You may often become frustrated with yourself at being unable to communicate your feelings and thoughts to others. Speech-language therapy can help. At Speech Success Academy, we offer various speech-language treatments designed to help improve your communication skills. We accept both adults and children. Here's what you need to know about speech-language pathology services in PA.

Areas Our Speech-Language Pathology Programs Serve

We accept students from all across PA. Some areas that we can help students improve their speech are:

● Willow Grove
● Horsham
● Abington

If you or your child suffers from a speech and/or language disorder, then one of our licensed and certified speech therapists can help you.

Why Should You Consider Communication Disorder Treatment?

It can be difficult to know if you need communication disorder treatment. What may seem like a simple stutter could indicate a bigger problem. Our speech therapist can help determine a treatment plan best fit for your needs.

Here's what to know about speech therapy. Speech-language therapy in Willow Grove, Horsham, Abington, and the surrounding areas is centered around understanding the speech and/or language disorder.

Sometimes, speech difficulties have to do with a weakness of motor skills in the mouth. In children, especially, the muscles of their mouth may not be developed to the point that allows them to speak easily. Our speech pathologists can target their motor skills and improve them. In return, communication will be easier.

In other cases, speech difficulties may not have to do with motor skills. There may be another reason that causes speech disorder. That's why our company has several speech treatment programs. We want to give our students the best possible treatment that fits their needs.

Our Speech Therapy Services in Willow Grove
When it comes to therapy, we offer a huge range of different speech-language services. If you're looking for private speech therapy sessions in Jenkintown or Horsham, then we can help.
Speech-Language Therapy for Autism in Horsham and Abington

Autism is often closely connected with speech-language problems. Students may not be able to communicate effectively or may not understand what is appropriate language and what is not. Some may refuse to speak at all. Our autism services are focused on helping those with autism find their voice.

There are many benefits of speech therapy for autism. Children and adults who have autism may feel frustrated because they're unable to communicate with friends or family members. Their quality of life may be decreased.

Our autism services like speech-language therapy for autism is focused on helping them find their words. We offer autism support that is welcoming, patient, encouraging and fun.

Sometimes a person who is diagnosed with autism may find that verbal communication is too daunting. In this case, our speech-language pathologist, or SLP, can show them different ways to communicate. That might be in teaching them sign language, giving them an iPad to express themselves, or using a speech output device that can help them communicate.

There are various early intervention services that go with speech-language therapy for autism. Our autism services are all designed to help with autism support and giving our students the confidence they deserve.

Speech Therapy for Apraxia

Our speech services also include apraxia. Speech therapy for apraxia involves targeting motor skills of the mouth and tongue. Our speech language pathologist, or SLP, will work closely with the child to help them strengthen their oral motor skills.

Therapy for apraxia may involve dysphagia treatment as well. Dysphagia treatment may include speech therapy for apraxia in that it works to strengthen the student's tongue, chewing, and physical formation of words.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering

One of the common speech services we offer in Willow Grove and Abington is speech therapy for stuttering. Our child speech therapist or speech pathologist can help both children and adults who stutter. There are many ways to treat stuttering.

Whatever solution best helps our students, our company is devoted to finding. Our speech therapy for stuttering can drastically improve the quality of life.

We Offer Speech-Language Teletherapy in Willow Grove

Not every student can readily leave home. Some who require autism support may be better to receive early intervention services in comfortable surroundings that they recognize. That's why our speech-language therapy services include speech-language teletherapy.

Our child speech therapist or speech pathologist can treat you or your child in the comfort of your own home through online speech-language therapy services. It isn't necessary for you to come to the office. All you need is one-on-one time with our speech-language pathologist, or SLP, to start seeing a difference.

Speech-language teletherapy can help with stuttering as well. Our speech therapy for stuttering can all be done in the comfort of your own home. This is important for our early intervention services. Your busy life may not allow you the luxury to get inside of our doors when you need us. Online speech-language therapy services ensure that you receive speech-language services when you need it most.

The Best Speech Therapy in Montgomery County PA and Elkins Park

If your child suffers from autism, stuttering, dyslexia, or another kind of impediment, then school is likely difficult for them. Early education is vital for your child. As their brain develops, they'll learn lessons that will determine how successful they are as an adult. Speech pathology and our SLP can help them. At Speech Success Academy, we help children with early intervention therapies like autism behavioral services and voice therapy. Here's what you need to know about our early intervention online speech therapy in Montgomery County PA, and Willow Grove.

How We Can Help Your Child in Jenkintown and Abington

child speech therapist montgomery county pa

Our speech therapist in Montgomery County PA can offer different therapies for your child. We offer:

  • Speech teletherapy
  • Speech therapy for apraxia
  • Speech therapy for autism
  • Speech therapy for stuttering
  • Communication disorder treatment
  • Dysphagia treatment
  • Autism support

Our speech-language pathologist in Montgomery County PA and Horsham specializes in services designed to help cure the cause of your child's impediment. Once we understand what's causing the issues, our SLP can start to train your child to overcome those problems.

Why Working with Our Speech Pathologist in Montgomery County PA and Jenkintown PA is Beneficial

speech language pathologist jenkintown

Our child speech therapist can help your child in Elkins Park PA with autism support and behavioral support. Without our services, your child's ability for communication will either deteriorate or never grow. As a result, they'll never be able to achieve the independence of adulthood that they deserve.

Their social skills may also be impacted. Being unable to communicate with their peers can have a negative impact on their social growth. Our speech pathology programs are designed to help your child learn how to communicate with their peers, themselves, and adults.

As a result, your child will be able to grow, just like the rest of their peers. They'll understand their school lessons better and start to develop as they should. Our speech therapist and our services in Philadelphia will give your child the chance to have a normal childhood and adulthood. It's their best chance at having a normal life.

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Our Speech-Language Pathology Programs

We offer speech-language pathology services for the following:

● Stuttering/ Fluency
● Apraxia
● Articulation
● Auditory Processing
● Challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
● Cognition
● Communication Impairment related to Hearing Loss
● Feeding and Swallowing Safety
● Language
● Motor Speech Deficits
● Post-Concussion Syndrome
● Social Communication
● Voice

When you use our early intervention services with our speech therapist, you'll receive the following benefits:

● Improved confidence
● Improved social life
● Better communication skills
● Quality of life improvement